Our "Flora & Fauna" vintage postage stamp collection adds beautiful detail and interest to your special mailings.


This listing includes enough United States postage to mail five, 1 ounce letters at $0.55 each.


The Flora & Fauna curated collection includes:

10  Botanical Congress Stamps (6 cents each, issued in 1969)

10  Orchid Stamps (20 cents each, issued 1984) *

 5   Wildlife Conservation Bighorn Sheep Stamps (8 cents each, issued 1972)


* Please note that both the orchid and botanical congress vintage postage stamps were issued as a set of 4 stamps. In each set, the 4 stamps have a unique, but similar design.  In your currated order, you will receive a variety of stamps from each set.  Please refer to the photo to see how different stamps from the set are used in the curation. 

Flora & Fauna - For 5 Letters- 60 Cents Each