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The Art of Hand Embossing

Come learn a new skill that you can put to use right after class!

Most of us have seen and appreciated embossing on a card, notebook, leather, or even wood. Typically, this work is done with a press or stamp, but, with hand embossing, we can create those beautiful raised designs with just a few simple tools. It's a surprisingly quick and easy process that allows you to add those beautiful details to your greeting cards, gift tags, place cards, etc right after class. 


Class will include 2 hours of instruction and demonstration. The goal is for us to create one embossed card as a class and then spend the rest of the time experimenting and creating on your own. We will also have an opportunity to add lettering to your work (a perfect opportunity to practice your calligraphy).


Kids are welcome and should be accompanied by an adult. 


I will provide all materials for the class (paper, light pad, ball stylus, etc). For those eager to get started right away, I will have materials to purchase at the end of class.

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